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Katz Durell has the resources, knowledge and capacity to work with large volume real estate investment groups, as well as individual clients. In recent years public and private money backed groups have entered many metropolitan areas, one of which is  Atlanta.

These groups account for a large market share of the rental market and have significantly helped real estate valuations by purchasing and rehabbing single family homes all over the Georgia.

Katz Durell has developed and maintained relationships with these large investment groups. We understand the needs of a volume based client such as a large hedge fund or REIT. Our staff and attorneys  work hand in hand with their Acquisitions Managers and support staff to ensure that their title work is completed and cleared quickly and that their transactions get closed in an efficient manner.

We also strive to introduce our large investors to as many inventory resources as possible. We work with numerous wholesalers, birddogs and other investors looking for buyers for their product. We feel that relationship sharing is a key element to maintaining the volume business these groups need.

If you are a large volume SFR  investor in need of a closing firm that understands your needs please contact us below.


Katz Durell has had the privilege of working with real estate investors both domestically and internationally. We have the ability and expertise to facilitate closings for our clients, regardless of their location or time zone. We understand the proper ways to work with our investor clients and title underwriters to ensure closing documents are executed properly and are in compliance with our best practices. 

This includes  creating powers of attorney for clients closing in their individual capacity, creating  corporate resolutions to appoint an authorized agent for a business entity, or through mail out closings to a foreign embassy or consulate. We work with many international clients who purchase properties by using funds from their retirement accounts, superannuation funds, foreign trusts, and other types of foreign entities.

Our network of CPAs and attorneys in other countries help to ensure that our closings not only comply with our own local, state, and federal laws, as well as our title  and the lender's underwriting guidelines, but also with the laws and compliance guidelines of the countries that the investors are located in.

In addition to the actual title, escrow and closing work, Katz Durell has completed hundreds of American entity formations for our foreign investors in order to protect their assets from legal liability We take the time to craft custom operating agreements in order to facilitate  closings and shield our international buyers from legal liability. If you are an international investor looking to purchase and/or sell properties in United States, please contact us for more information on how we can help you with your legal needs!


Over the last several years Katz Durell has created a unique niche in the real estate market by working closely with our various  investors clients. Our clients employ a wide array of business models and are at various stages of  business development. 

The firm's services for small and startup investors begin with a complimentary initial consultation and assessment of the client’s short term and long term goals.  From there, Katz Durell defines an appropriate investment model and assists the client with corporate formation. We may also recommend a restructure of existing companies in order to increase legal liability protection and  provide additional tax incentives.

Through the firm's established relationships with asset managers, realtors and other investors, Katz Durell has the ability to facilitate introductions that can  provide its clients with access to real property inventory, as well as potential buyers when the time comes to liquidate any acquired inventory. 

The firm provides this all while offering superior quality title and escrow services to ensure the smoothest closing transactions possible.

Katz Durell places great emphasis on flexible, personalized customer service, superior client/staff communications, and expedient title turnaround time.  Furthermore, the firm believes in providing value added services to its clients by offering them a variety of networking and educational opportunities in order to increase potential leads.

Our goal is to create a synergistic team approach in order to help our clients develop their businesses.  The attorneys and staff at Katz Durell utilize both their knowledge and experience, not only in the legal field but in the corporate, financial and economic sectors, to offer quality consultation services with a progressive approach.

We maintain  flexibility with our fee structure for the work performed for our clients.  The firm’s attorneys recognize there are various investment models that investors choose to adopt, each requiring varied amounts of work in regards to volume, complexity, and expertise.  During the initial consultation with Halperin Lyman, the firm’s attorneys work with the prospective client to create a fee structure that is agreeable with the client based on the legal work that will be performed for their transactions.

If you are a startup or small investor, and you are looking for a real estate attorney who will work with you to help grow your business for the long term, please contact us below.


The attorneys and staff at Katz Durell routinely close transactions for wholesalers. We work with both experienced wholesalers to help efficiently facilitate their closings as well as educating new wholesalers on how to properly conduct wholesale transactions. Our attorneys and staff are well-versed in double closings and contracts that have been assigned.

We understand that client confidentiality is of the utmost importance when conducting these types of transactions. We also routinely draft documents for wholesalers such as customized purchase and sale agreements and assignment agreements.

Additionally, we educate our clients on how to compliantly carry out wholesale transactions to ensure that all of our client’s closings are handled in a manner that adheres with both our title underwriter’s guidelines as well as with state and federal law.

We understand that a successful  wholesaler needs access to solid buyers as well as available inventory. Early on we make note of the criteria our clients have when purchasing properties. We then introduces our clients to new inventory sources through our established relationships and strategic marketing techniques.  

We also regularly introduce our clients to one another in order to build off of mutual synergy. Please contact us if you would like more information on these value added services.

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