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Real Estate Services


The attorneys of Katz Durell are dedicated to working with clients to help them achieve their dreams of homeownership. Katz Durell focuses primarily on real estate law and are devoted to providing the full spectrum of transactional real estate related legal services. The Firm specializes in real estate closings, both residential and commercial, but its practice areas also include investor services, corporate law and various real estate litigation and default services.


Devoted to client service, we take your success personally. Katz Durell understands that we are a reflection of you and
how you operate your business, so we aim to give you the satisfaction and peace of mind that we will treat your clients
with the upmost regard. We strive to be an added value and partner of your business.

Katz Durell works closely with countless real estate agents and brokers, mortgage loan originators, builders and
developers, real estate investors, and other various industry professionals to successfully complete thousands of real estate
closings every year, in addition to providing reliable legal representation in the other aforementioned practice areas.

Katz Durell provides title, escrow and closing services in the Metro Atlanta Area for a wide variety of clients, including
real estate agents and brokers, conventional and private money lenders, real estate investors, hedge funds, REITs, large
and small international purchasing groups, and more.

While The Firm has the resources to handle closings and other transactional services for large volume companies, we
also pay equal attention to smaller volume clients and has strived to create a "boutique firm" feel through its customer
service, flexibility, and transparency.

The attorneys at Katz Durell are committed to providing expert legal advice on all aspects of your real estate
transaction. Clients can rest assured that during each step, we will be there to guide you through a smooth closing
process. Come see the difference and allow us to assist you with your real estate transactions .

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