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Katz Durell has had the privilege of working with many of the large and small lenders providing a wide array of product lines for real estate investors looking to purchase properties for both long term holds as well as for fix and flips. We have experience closing loans in several states and in several formats. From bulk securitization to a series of individual fix and flip financing closings, the attorneys and staff at Katz Durell understand the needs of both the buy to rent lenders as well as the need for borrowers to have their own independent representation. We also understand the need to work well with the attorneys representing the other side of the deal, and have great relationships both with other closing firms around Metro Atlanta, as well as national title companies for out of state deals.

We make a constant effort to network out and share our investor clientele with all of our lenders, and vice versa. We feel that bringing people together in the real estate investment market is a value added service important for all of our clients to grow their businesses. Providing quality loan products and terms to investors is a key element to their success, and our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible from the application stage through closing and funding. If you are a lender that provides loans to real estate investors, including but not limited to fix and flip lines of credit, portfolio securitizations, or individual home loan products, please contact Halperin Lyman to see how we might help you grow your client base and get more deals to the closing table successfully.


Katz Durell routinely works with Hard Money Lenders, Private Money Lenders, and Transactional Lenders to close real estate transactions. Our team has extensive knoweldge of loans and loan products to properly draft promissory notes as well as various other documents to protect and secure the Lender's interest. We make sure real estate transactions are closed in accordance with the Lender's instructions and the loan documents are executed, recorded, and delivered back to the lender in a timely fashion. If you would like to know more about our Hard Money, Private Money, and Transactional Lending settlement services please contact us.


At Katz Durell, we have experience with conducting real estate closings with distressed properties. Distressed properties include properties that are “short sales” or REO. A “short sale” is a property that is being sold for less than the current mortgage. An REO is a property that has been foreclosed on by a lender and is being sold by the lender.

When buyers or investors are looking to take advantage of the low prices associated with distressed properties, we want to make sure their closings go smoothly. At Katz Durell we have a network of real estate brokers, agents and auctioneers who deal with distressed properties. We will make your distressed property transaction easy by reviewing the purchase and sales contract, clearing any title defects with the distressed property, and assist in negotiations with the lender.

We understand that with distressed property transactions time is of the essence. Therefore, we work quickly and efficiently to make sure your closing is completed in a timely manner. Our experience with distressed properties makes us the best option to conduct your real estate closing. Let Katz Durell make buying or selling your distressed property simple, easy, and fast. 

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